We are a one-stop shop for consulting services in energy and water conservation, green building strategies, and energy retrofits.  We offer many services including, but not limited to, energy assessments, weatherproofing, air sealing, insulating, windows and doors, HVAC optimization, lighting solutions, grey water systems installation, xeriscaping, and solar application.

Our solutions will pay for themselves in a surprisingly short time, especially if you factor in the environmental benefits! LA Green Building always has in mind your best interest and that of the environment. Your satisfaction, comfort, health and safety are very important to us. Our team holds certifications in lead-safe practices, home performance and green building from nationally recognize organizations.

We do not compromise with good ethics or best work practices. We believe that building right is the better long-term option. It also proves cost effective, because of the reduced need for maintenance and extended durability.

Energy assessments, BPI Analyst & Envelope Professional
Energy retrofits, license B913259, EPA certified renovator
Green Building consulting and construction, LEED, CGBP
Green Building rating, Build It Green


1.  Schedule a FREE phone consultation (20 min)
We will conduct a preliminary interview, gather information about your project, and answer questions you may have.

2.  Schedule an energy assessment of your home or building (3 to 6 hours)
We will measure and monitor the current performance status and make recommendations.

3.  Energy retrofit (3 to 7 days)
After review of the inspection report, we will help you determine the most cost effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home or building. Upgrades are then performed and tested for verification.

4.  Rebates and incentives
We handle all the paperwork for you to save you time and money.

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